Welcome to ZBot documentation!

Welcome to the ZBot bot documentation, a Discord bot coded in Python 3 by a small French developer, Z_runner. You will find in the documentation all the explanations on each of the usable commands, as well as the list of the last additions and some code examples. The documentation is currently in English but the bot is available in several languages, including its main language, French.

The Moderation section displays every command related to the moderation of a server: clear, slowmode, kick, ban… The Minecraft section allows you to discover all Minecraft related commands: item search or server check. The Info section is about commands that allow you to get information about members, roles, channels, server etc. The Configuration sections are a guide to allow you to correctly configure the bot on your server, or for yourself as user. The Permissions page allows you to put exactly the right permissions in the bot, nothing unnecessary or dangerous! RSS section is there to follow websites, YouTube/Twitter/Twitch channels and other feeds, without worrying about it. And other sections are continually being added!


If you want to invite this bot to a server, just click here! And to join our official support server, click on this link!

Translations of the Zbot Privacy Policy and its Terms of Service have been added to this documentation as a guide.


Zbot becomes Axobot! Your favorite bot changes its name and avatar to become even more friendly! Read the V4 changelog for details on this really huge update.

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