This section of the bot contains lots of fun commands, which will be less useful than the other sections, but will add a good atmosphere in your server. Because a server’s life is not just about moderation or utilities, ZBot couldn’t be without a few moments of fun.

However, if too much fun bothers you, this option can be disabled at any time with the config command (enable_fun parameter). The choice is yours!

List of every command


Syntax: afk [reason] or unafk

This command will be useful if you are often busy doing something while Discord is open. The principle is to put a tag[AFK] (which means Away From Keyboard) on you and notify anyone who tries to mention you. So there is a command to put you in AFK mode (the reason is optional, it will be indicated to people who are trying to mention you), and another command to exit AFK mode.


Note that even if the system is specific to each server (it works with your nickname), the reason is global: if you change the reason in one server, it will be effective on all other servers having you as AFK!


Syntax: bigtext <text>

Here is a handy command for people who have trouble seeing small text of Discord. Or just for those who want to have some fun. In fact the bot will use your text to converts each letter into Discord Emojis, so that you have bigger text.

You want some good news? If you have permission to use the say command, the bot will delete your message after posting it !


The only permission required is “Manage messages” to possibly delete your own message.


Syntax: birthday or happy-birthday or hb

Wanna do a cool party for a birthday? Get a random gif with this simple command! Easy and fun!


Syntax: blame <name|list>

You’ve probably already gotten a chance to get mad at someone. It doesn’t matter why. And since it’s always better to do it together, you may like to protest collectively against a common evil. This command therefore allows you to blame someone without getting tired of spamming. You just have to enter a name and hope that its custom message exists in our database, and we’ll be happy to irritate ourselves for you.

You can access even more names by being on some secret servers! Enter the list argument to see which ones you have unlocked.


Currently only a bunch of images exist, but if you have others to propose (that respect the theme), come see us!


ZBot needs “Attach files” permission to send its message. You’re not gonna ask him to be angry without giving him permission to do it?


Syntax: bubble-wrap [width=10] [height=15] (aliases: papier-bulle, bw)

Just bubble wrap. Which pops when you squeeze it. That’s all. #Just4Fun

Width should be between 1 and 150, height between 1 and 50.


Syntax cat

Just a random cat picture. Nothing else. But they’re so cuuuuute.

Count messages

Syntax: count_msg [limit] [user] [channel]

A nice little order that counts the number of messages in the history of this channel posted by someone. The limit corresponds to the number of messages to study in the chat, 1000 by default. And since some very old chats can have a very many many many MANY many messages (yes, 5 times many), we have a set limit on the number of messages you wish to search.

If no user is given as parameter, Zbot will count your own messages. Same for the channel, if you don’t provide any, Zbot uses the current one.


It seems obvious, but the bot needs “Read message history” permission to read the messages history…


Syntax: gg

This is a nice little gif to use when you want to congratulate your friend. And remember to thank Gilderoy Lockhart for his charming smile!


ZBot needs “Attach files” permission to send this nice message.


Syntax: kill [name]

If you want to express your hatred or displeasure towards someone or something, but in a fun way, this command is for you. The bot will take a random death sentence from a long selection and insert the subject of your anger into it to create a simple and effective message. Try it at least once!


Syntax: google <search>

Yes, that name is unpronounceable. On the other hand, commands are executed on written channels, not voice, so that’s good. And, for use, refer to the website: “For all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than search it for themselves.”


ZBot needs “Manage messages” permission to delete the invocative message.


Syntax: loading

Do you think that the time is long? Or do you just need to express a veeery looooong loading time? Use this command, designed especially for this bot!


ZBot needs “Attach files” permission to send this message.


Syntax: me <text>

When you need the bot to talk about you, like “Z_runner runs away very fast”, use this command. The “me” will be replaced by your nickname, and if you are allowed to use the say command, your original message will be deleted.


Syntax: money

This command is perfect if you want to give the impression of literally swimming in piles of money. Can be placed in any discussion that is more or less related to this theme. Fortunately, the use of this command is not overtaxed.


ZBot needs “Attach files” permission to send this gif.


Syntax: nasa

If you want to see beautiful images from space, this command will suit you perfectly. It uses the official NASA API to get the Astronomy Picture of the Day, as well as a description of this image. Great for putting your head in the stars.


The only permission needed to grant the bot is “Embed Links”.


Syntax: nope

A small command to use when you do not agree with your interlocutor. Small, but it has the merit to be clear and to quickly cut short the discussion. And even better, if you have permission to use the say command, your invocation message will be deleted ! Camouflage activated!


ZBot needs “Attach files” permission to send its message, and “Manage messages” to delete yours.


Syntax: nuke

The conversation’s getting hot, do you want to blow it up? Let off some steam with a nice little gif, just to get the point out and calm down negotiations!


ZBot needs “Attach files” permission to send this gif.


Syntax: osekour

This command is specially designed for French salons. In France, a call for help is sometimes called “au secours” (“osekour” in a very, very short version). If you need the bot to help you, type this command and see which random answer it will come out!


Syntax: party

Do you party often at home? If so, you have enough power to prove it with this command. And if not, she’ll just put some good humor in the chat!


Two permissions are required for this command: “Attach files” and “Use external emojis”.


Syntax: pibkac

This is a quite well-known case in IT. To quote the definition of the Urban Dictionary, “Problem Is Between Keyboard And Chair. Another term used to refer to an id10t or other person who probably should not own a computer”.


ZBot needs “Attach files” permission to send this gif.


Syntax: piece

Use it if you need to flip a coin, but you don’t have any money to show in front of your computer’s camera. Also, like real life, the piece can also fall on the edge! Isn’t that great?


Syntax: pikachu

Who doesn’t know the world-famous Pokemon, Pikachu, who was for a long time the mascot of the Nintendo-owned company? Thanks to this command you can use gifs from this rabbit-eared Pokemon, randomly drawn from our ever-growing image bank!


ZBot needs “Attach files” permission to send any gif.


Syntax: pizza

Any of you like pizza here? Those beautiful dripping pieces of melted cheese and tomato sauce, delicately placed on a crispy, light dough? If that’s your case, why don’t you take a look at this beautiful and mouth-watering gif?!


Yup. Here too, the bot needs “Attach files” permission to send this gif.


Syntax: ping

This is probably the most useless command in the bot. Try it, you may (maybe) not be disappointed!


Syntax: ragequit

Basically this command was designed for the sole use of the Creator. But since everyone has the right to get mad at something (and not just Python code), he decided to leave it open access. It’s up to you to make good use of it!


  • The bot needs “Attach files” permission to send these images.

  • We do not own the copyright of each of the images used in this command. If you want to design an image specially for ZBot, and are ready to give us all rights, thank you to contact us as soon as possible!


Syntax: react <messageID> <list of emojis>

This command allows you to force the bot to add reactions to a message, which is useful in certain situations. For example, if you organize a reaction vote and want to cheat a little on the statistics! Please note that only people who have access to the say command can use this one.

All reactions work, whether they are Discord or server reactions. All you have to do is separate them with a space. Just like magic!


To find out how to find the ID of a message, follow this link!


To find the message, ZBot must have “Read Message History” permission, and “Add Reactions” permission to add reactions.


Syntax: reverse <text>

If you want to practice working for a top secret organization, or just have fun with friends, you will surely find use for this command. Basically, it simply reverses all the letters in your message, so that the first one is the last one and vice versa. Probably not worth the FBI techniques, but it’s a good start, isn’t it?


Syntax: roll <options>

If you can’t agree with your friends, or if you want to leave the decision of a difficult choice to chance, this command will surely delight you. It allows you to select an option randomly from a list of options you provide, separated by commas (,). And you can put as many choices as you need!

Example: roll a little, a lot;, passionately, madly, not at all!


Syntax: run

Just… run… very… fast… ε=ε=ε=┏( >_<)┛

If you’re tired of running, make the bot run for you!


No specific permission is required!


Syntax: shrug

Don’t know the answer to a question? This is the opportunity to express it with a pretty gif straight out of our image bank! A simple command, but one which can be fun.


ZBot needs “Attach files” permission to send any gif.


Syntax: thanos

I assume you know Thanos from the Avengers series. If not, to make it short, he’s a bad guy who decided to kill half the universe with a single snap of his finger.

Well, if you want to know if you will be spared by this guy or not, check out the great oracle Zbot!


Syntax: tip

If you want to get some advice on how to use the bot, or just a funny fact, you will surely find what you are looking for here. This command returns a random phrase from a defined list of “Pro-tip” and “Did you know?”, to hopefully teach you something!

Bot events

From time to time, for special events of the year, Zbot has fun organizing an event where some small changes are made to the code. There is for example the tic-tac-toe whose symbols change, or many other small easter eggs of this kind… as well as the possibility to win event points!

To get event points, it is usually enough to use the bot: win games of tic-tac-toe, increase in xp level, or other actions of this kind.

Get info about the current event

Syntax: events info

You can have details about an event via this command. If an event is in progress, you will then have the explanatory summary, start and end dates, as well as any prizes to be won.

Get your current progress

Syntax: events rank

To know your progress in the event, as well as the prices you can recover, this command is the one you need. You’ll even get your ranking among all the players in the world!