V4 changelog

Welcome to one of the biggest updates to Zbot! V4 is a major upgrade to the source code, to make it cleaner, more readable and easier to maintain, but these major changes also add new features and fix old bugs!


Very large parts of the code have been changed by this update. This is good news for you, but it probably broke some parts of the bot that I couldn’t see. Feel free to report any bug or abnormal behavior on the support server, it will help us and all other users!

Without further ado, here is the almost exhaustive list of changes made by V4:

New identity!!!

Yes, you read that right! We’re going to take advantage of V4 to change Zbot’s identity!

In the next few weeks, Zbot will gradually become Axobot, a slightly cuter bot based on the axolotl. This means a change of name, avatar and colors! To let users get used to it smoothly, we’ll spread out these changes as much as possible, starting with the bot’s name on Discord and a warning on the documentation homepage.

If you want to know the reasons for this change and get a preview of the new avatar, join the bot’s Discord server now and read the latest announcements!

What’s new

  • Server logs are finally here! Activate them now with the modlogs command. This is just the beginning, more log types will come later!

  • The brand new AI anti-scam system is here. You can test it and activate it in your servers with the antiscam command

  • The RSS feed selector (e.g. when you want to delete a feed) now uses the Discord menus, which makes it much easier to use


  • Anti-raid thresholds have been increased considerably, we advise you to check the new values to avoid any problems

  • The display of the usernames command has been revised and simplified

  • For some commands, the bot will indicate in the help page of the command if it needs permission to send an embed

  • The reminders clear and banlist commands use buttons instead of reactions

  • The join position in the info member command is restricted to small servers (less than 10k members) to limit computation time

  • The discordstatus command, RSS feeds and some other commands use a custom date format that will display according to your own time zone (kind of like magic but it’s real)

  • RSS feeds now accept the new YouTube link format (youtube.com/c/supercoolusername)

  • Time and duration displays will be translated a bit better (especially in Finnish and German). The displays of large numbers will also be more readable (thousands separator), which is especially visible in the stats command


  • Fixed some commands that did not work correctly in threads, like reminders

  • Fixed some translation errors, especially in English

  • Reminders will display correctly when the bot can’t use embed

  • Fixed the display of the xp card for users who don’t have a custom avatar

  • The info command finally displays correctly its sub-commands in the help menu

  • The bot responds correctly to messages containing a command

  • The bot will no longer send DMs to banned users who have already left the server

That’s all for now! Some minor updates should come in the next weeks, especially to fix new bugs or add new log types. Join us on the official Discord server to follow the news, vote for new features and report bugs!